11 weed strains that bang for 2024 and beyond

Leafly expert reviewers go feral for these 11 arousing strains. 

Weed research has turned a corner, empirically confirming what we all already knew—cannabis is a potent aphrodisiac. An increasing number of Americans pair weed and sex every year, with better results than ever. How do we know?
For starters, humanity has touted weed’s arousing qualities for thousands of years, well before legal prohibition and social stigma for both cannabis and intimacy. New studies indicate that most people who bring ganja to the bedroom report more frequent and intense orgasms, as well as overall enhanced sensitivity. What’s different now is product diversity—anyone wanting a roll in the hay can choose from flowers, vapes, edibles, and plenty of juicy topicals. Plus, we have the freedom to share what works and doesn’t for the first time. In 2024, we have 24 adult-use cannabis states nationwide and historic levels of decriminalization.

So this year, Leafly triangulated data from more than 6,000 strains, 4,000 store menus, hundreds of thousands of user reviews, and first-hand anecdotes from our network of cannabis experts to determine the best strains for sex. Tough work, if you can get it. But dry? Never.

The following 11 strains appear highly statistically likely to rev your engine, though your mileage may vary. Terms and restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited.

Bacio Gelato


Bacio Gelato (Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC) grown by the regenerative First Cut Farms is a wave of pleasure that drowns out any feeling that isn’t good. Gassy, sweet, and potent in the best way, physical euphoria accompanies a playful state of mental calm, making this buzzy and beloved strain perfect for a romantic evening at home. 

Grown in the deep, chocolate soil of Covelo in Mendocino, this cross was grown in balance with nature, under the sun, moon and the stars. This balance is reflected in its high, too, which is hyper potent without edging into the negative. Smoke it with your partner and have the best Valentine’s day ever, whether you go out, or not.  — Lindsay MaHarry

Peach Crescendo

I got a bag of Peach Crescendo, a sativa-dominant cross of Chem D, I-95, Mandarin Cookies, and Peach Rings grown in a greenhouse by Paradiso Gardens for the Dovetail brand, called a friend, and proceeded to experiment. The first whiff smells like peaches with a hint of grapefruit, while a long pull tastes almost like a Snapple Peach tea.

Because it’s cottonmouth factor is so low, this is a great option for making out…or other things where you want some saliva, if you get my drift.
Great for a “vigorous” session, maybe not so much if you are a slow and languorous lover. As one Leafly user wrote, “Be careful who you smoke this around bc this was very arousing.” —Ngaio Bealum


I love Lemon Tree, and I enjoy Watermelon Zkittlez a great deal. They are both delicious in their own right, and unite in Melonade for a tropical, citrus-soaked consumption experience that evokes the tantalization of skimpy, beachside sunbathing and the freedom that comes with being on vacation.

I have always preferred strains that lean towards the cerebral, and research indicates that arousal and gratification depend a lot on healthy, uninhibited brain function, particularly for women. Melonade helps declutter the mind while tuning in to your body’s cues—the vote of confidence you need to vocalize what you like and get it. —Amelia Williams

Cereal Milk

Called a friend over for “bong hits and chill”. We smoked the consistent crowdpleaser, Cereal Milk(this particular batch was grown by Lowell Herb Co.) and got our chill on. Cereal Milk, coming from a cross of Y Life x Snowman is a sweeter, perhaps creamier variation of the Cookies phenotype with less sedation—great for the ol’ smokey-pokey.

This well-balanced hybrid came in clutch at helping when it was time to honing focus on important tasks, and active enough to enhance finding creative ways to accomplish said tasks. I would rate it a 420/69. One reviewer said it best: “You need that extra oomph on the bedroom, don’t grab the blue pill…grab Cereal Milk.” —Ngaio Bealum

Candy Rain

Candy Rain by Moon Valley Cannabis is a lush and languid sensory experience. Everything about this flower is turned all the way up, from its crystalline bud structure and other worldly high, to a complex terpene profile that’s heavy on the gas with notes of lilac, pine, and wet earth. 

Moon Valley Cannabis grows fire cultivars like this popular London Pound Cake x Gelato cross indoors in “living soil,” meaning large troughs of soil alive with mycelium, beneficial insects and companion plants. They also implement Korean natural farming techniques like fermenting all their inputs in-house. 

With its mind-quieting and physically titillating high, Candy Rain is a perfect pick for a sexy night like Valentine’s Day. Roll up. A sumptuous evening awaits. — Lindsay MaHarry

Mint Chocolate Chip

If you’re looking for an indulgent dessert strain, Mint Chocolate Chip from Sweetgrass Organics is as irresistible as raw cookie dough. Grown in organic living soil, the velvety allure of these sugar-dusted nugs is undeniable. But don’t be fooled by this sweet bakery batter strain.

It leaves a surprisingly flirtatious kiss of cool mint that lingers on your lips after every satisfying puff. A sensual combo of mint and chocolate, it’s a cross of Mystery Cookies and Green Ribbon BX from Exotic Genetix. Serving a full-bodied experience and uplifting high, Mint Chocolate Chip is perfect for any after-dinner affair.  —Amanda Breeze

Love Affair

Love Affair, the cross of Alien Rock Candy and GG4 eschews lovey-dovey florals for heart-pounding, animalistic scents. The crew at Pacific Grove coaxed plenty of nuance out of this clone-only offering from Western Solventless Technology. Halitosis and body odor compete against diesel fuel and black peppercorn in a bouquet that wrinkles the nose while it raises an eyebrow.

The scent is a perfect match for the effect, less suited for rose petals on the bed and geared more toward the center of a crowded dance floor at the after-after party. Rich in caryophyllene, this arousing strain offers relaxation without tipping into sedative territory. —Ryan Herron


Your sweet tooth will thank you for rolling up Biskante—you and your significant other will be drooling over each other, high on the heat.

Made from Melonade x Biscotti #6, the Biskante offers up the sugary-sweet diesel flavor signature to Biscotti coupled with the luminous lemon of Melonade, thanks to its dominant terpenes limonene and beta-caryophyllene. Biskante takes these pleasant dessert flavors and turns it up to 11, coating the mouth with sugary sweetness. This batch tested high at 32.65% THC and 0.07% CBD, a knock-out cultivar to gift your knock-out partner. —Lindsey Bartlett

Apples and Bananas

It may not be the naughtiest name compared to other exotic fruit strains, but when it comes to temptation, apple is the original sin– and we all know what a banana looks like. An Indica-leaning hybrid from Castle Rock Farms, Apples and Bananas is a genetic fruit cup of [(Platinum Cookies x GDP) x Blue Power] x Gelatti.

These dense buds have deep purple undertones with a sweet but not overpowering aroma featuring subtle notes of honeyed banana. It has a playful flavor profile that slowly ripens to a satisfying sour apple taste for a sinful night-in.  —Amanda Breeze

Cheetah Piss

I’m personally not into water sports, but I’ve always had a taste for strains with a touch of lewdness and the possibilities they contain. Cheetah Piss, a collaboration between Cookies and Growing Passion that puts Lemonnade, Gelato and London Pound Cake in cannabis cahoots, feels as funky as it smells, and it smells pretty rank.

If you don’t want a straight Cookies or Haze but like the effects (euphoria, tingles, mind piqued) of both—voila! From that first ammonia-laden toke, Cheetah Piss veils your senses in, well, sensuality; mentally I’m calm, but perky, and all my nerve endings stand at attention.

The orgasm gap between men and women is very real, but the Piss never fails to rise to the occasion. — Amelia Williams

Donut Shop

Donut underestimate the potency of this strain. Donut Shop is unlike any bud you’ve ever seen. Donut Shop is bred by Fig Farms and picked from their 2023 pheno hunt, with a genetic lineage of Holy Moly! x Gelato 41. You can taste the love that Oakland-based Fig puts into its craft. The flavor is as decadent and creamy as a heart-shaped Krispy Kreme.

Its lime green and white trichome-packed peaks and valleys offer a refreshing flavor profile to the California marketplace. A true indulgence, the dry hit is reminiscent of powdered sugar donuts mixed with something funky and floral.

Donut Shop’s effects are titillating as they sneak up on you. The high takes its time with a comforting and mellow unraveling, perfect for the most sensual of holidays. Euphoria, creativity, relaxation, and potent pain-killing effects all made an appearance while smoking this cultivar. —Lindsey Bartlett

And that’s 11 strains that bang to get you started on V-Day, 2024. Good luck in love! It’s worth it!

This posted originally appeared on Leafly.

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